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1920 to 1947

Margueritte and René Mouret

He, a country doctor on horse. She, one of the first women in the region to manage a winery.

They have registered the first pages of our family history on this terroir. Leaving the cooperative in order to vinify the first parcels of the winery.


1947 to 1985

Lucie and Pierre Mouret

The postwar was the scene of more intensive production; “Feed the France” was their talents.

They improved together the quality and began bottling since 1970s by planting the first Syrah.

The opening of the wineshop in the early 1980s marked also a commercial turning point.


1985 to 2000

Jacqueline and Jean Marc Boyer

Jacqueline and Jean Marc Boyer

The architects of the future, they have replanted nearly the entire vineyard, renewed the wine-making material, started the export business, and developed a coherent range, a real vision of the future...


2000 to ...

Fanny and François Boyer, brother and sister

New generation, new destiny.
They have begun an environmental revolution from 2001 with sustainable farming, then organic farming in 2009 and since 2020 the wines are produced in Biodynamic Agriculture (DEMETER).
Exporting to many countries (36 countries), selling in nearly 300 wineshops in France and in many starred restaurants, are commercial strengths for sure.

Chaque génération
apporte sa pierre à l’édifice


A terroir and a unique nature

« The vineyard of Château Beaubois is located in the southern Rhone Valley in the appellation Costieres de Nimes, midway between Nimes and the Mediterranean Sea. »


A unique terroir

Overhanging the Scamandre pond in the petite Camargue, this magnificent area is in a Natura 2000 zone, just 10 M of altitude.

Fanny and François are attached very early to the idea of preserving this environment.

The terroir is composed of pebbles which are detached from the Haut Brianconnais in the Alpes during the Quaternary.

The Rhone and the Durance have transported those pebbles to the first exposures of the sea.


Stony soil "Gress"

The characteristic of the superb terroir is the sum of many factors:

  • The soils are made up of pebbles, the oldest element in the appellation that plays an accelerator role for heating up (Cailloutis Villafranchien originated from Durancienne and Rhôdanienne, eroded and colluvial deposit)
  • The Mistral has a positive influence over our terroir; its character as a “lifesaver” is well known especially by limiting the effects of disease.
  • Being as close as it is, the thermal winds from the Mediterranean Basin refreshes the vineyard during the hottest hours in summer. This feature is so important that it distill the freshness in all the wines of Chateau Beaubois.
  • The red and white grape varieties represent a real Rhone feature.

The zone of Camargue and petite Camargue provides wonderful wild landscapes. Ponds, reed beds and biodiversity form a triptych of splendors.
It is teeming with tourist routes…



Our team

We are working all to give you the best


François Boyer
Vineyard, logistic

Fanny Molinié Boyer
Wine making, Sales and marketing


Céline Perret
Sales assistant

Florelle Cassano
Administration, invoicing


Cyril Jayet
Vineyard, cellar

Anne Pelouzet


Tom Bosco

Germain Faure